Well skilled in the martial art of book reading with a Kindle. He has spent time in Far Eastern countries studying the art of competitive ice making. ‚Äč

An acupuncture junkie and professional business attire critic. As an almost devout Buddhist, his wisdom is given freely to everyone, whether they are listening or not. He is found frequently waxing nostalgic for the times of the Renaissance. 

Unable to do long division in his head, but able to fake it, he has never become a member of Mensa. Award winning professional architect with spaghetti and marshmallows, he has constructed some extraordinary temporary structures. 

Committed to understanding how people think and work. He has built and sold a few companies. All while filling roles as a speaker, trainer, TV host, CEO and bad driver. He has experience and scars from his battles in sales, advertising, technology, training, HR, leadership and management. 

Today he spends time at Cedarline, his retreat in the woods of  Minnesota or helping out a slew of fantastic clients. 

He is always looking for a new challenge, if you think you have one drop him a note.